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I’m sure we can all remember a time in our younger years when we stood on the playground, hoping not to get picked last for the exciting, adrenaline packed game of kickball, dodge ball, or Red Rover.  In those years, we faced stress in different ways---whether being picked last for a team or finding out last about the latest gossip or drama.

Fast forward many years and the stresses still remain, just in different ways. Now it is about not getting assigned to a project because of a lack of skill, or job risk because you did not know about a new policy or procedure. Perhaps a nurse in the Emergency Room was not aware that a new passcode was generated for the locked storage unit for dispensing medication---causing unnecessary risk and delay to the patient. Or maybe a sales person sold the wrong widget to a customer because they did not know a replacement widget was to be sold instead.

Making sure your message is heard is not always an easy thing---especially when there are so many messages to compete with. And relying on email just adds fuel to the fire. Did they get it? Did they even read it? Do they understand? These are all challenges we face when communicating within organizations.

As outlined in a recent announcement, SAP Education and ANCILE Solutions have strengthened their long-standing partnership through an offering called SAP Communication Center by ANCILE.

Some of the various ways in which this offering can be effectively applied within organizations are outlined in a new three-part blog series that touches on some key topics:

Managing Change

Communications within the ANCILE customer support team is one such example. They recently introduced a new customer service platform which was a big change for their employees. The focus was on ensuring their team was ready to hit the ground running on day one so the change would NOT be big for their customers.

Connecting with Sales Teams

ANCILE’s teams have reported a significant improvement in convenience and effectiveness for learning. Better prepared = more effective = more sales. And, by replacing the typical weekly one-hour webinar with small, concise, learning snacks delivered via SAP Communication Center by ANCILE, enablement stakeholders have contributed to significant time-management improvements for the sales field. More time for customers = more opportunity for pipeline growth.

Policy Training Made Easy

The team developed video, graphics, and external content resources and packaged these into a series of small learning nuggets that could be consumed quickly and efficiently. Then, these nuggets were hosted and delivered in the cloud via SAP Communication Center. So, employees received critical ethics guidance wrapped within visually engaging content. The campaign included assessment checks to confirm comprehension.

You can read the full blog posts here: