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You see it everywhere you look: mobile devices have become essential business tools.  Employees are increasingly performing their daily tasks on smartphones and tablets, instead of laptops and PCs.  The question is: how does an organization train and support this workforce, when the courses and materials need to be delivered on a mobile device?

SAP Workforce Performance Builder supplies the answer.  This solution allows you to easily create training materials in a variety of formats, all from a single recording.  The courses, documents, and exercises you create with SAP Workforce Performance Builder can then be accessed and played on smartphones and tablets – providing job-critical training and support to your mobile workforce in multiple ways:

  • Take images of your mobile apps and create training materials for mobile applications
  • Create QR codes, so that your employees or even customers can scan a code and see the materials they need, right on their mobile device
  • Build context-sensitive help that plays on the mobile device, providing the right training and support content based on what the user is doing on their PC, laptop, or mobile device

We will be hosting an informative webinar and demo of these mobility features of SAP Workforce Performance Builder on Wednesday, March 27th at 1:00 p.m. ET. Please click here to register, and join us to learn how to meet your mobile training needs with SAP Workforce Performance Builder.