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The updated Support Accreditation was launched early December 2023, with customers and partners gaining valuable knowledge on support from SAP.  It is a self-enablement course.  Once completed, customers and partners are better equipped to choose the most efficient way to interact with support from SAP.



To get a better understanding of the course let’s take a closer look at the flow and content of the course.  It is broken down into logical units and lessons, each with a distinctive aim.  It provides participants with a complete overview of SAP’s support channels and tools; how and when to use them.

Today I want to introduce the first two units.

Using Self-Service and Case Prevention

We start with an overall view of support from SAP.  The first three lessons highlight the major support touchpoints with the subsequent lessons focusing on self-enablement.

The major touchpoints we have are SAP for Me (newest central entry point for SAP support), SAP Support Portal (latest support news and information on offerings, programs, and services) and Communities (gaining expert advice and answers to how-to and consulting queries).

With regards to self-enablement, we feature options like Product Knowledge and a lesson on the Scope of Support (what cases are under the remit of SAP’s support). 

Finally, we introduce the extensive Knowledge Base (services such as SAP Knowledge Base articles and SAP Notes), Guided Answers (step-by-step troubleshooting for technical issues), Support Assistant (assisting with case creation) and Support Log Assistant (analyzing support files, providing recommendations).

Learning About Live Support Channels

The course switches to the one-to-one or Real-Time interactions with support from SAP.  Here we assist in creating the ‘perfect’ case with additional support options to interact more closely with support professionals.

We start with the ‘Get Support’ application which guides you to solve your technical issues real-time or (if necessary) direct you to an SAP expert. Built-In-Support provides a personalized support experience based on interpreting your issue using machine learning and AI.

Next, we focus on Real-Time Support channels: Expert Chat provides one-to-one interaction with support experts. Another option is Schedule a Manager, a 15-minute call with a support manager or finally Ask an Expert Peer, which is a one-on-one interaction with qualified and approved experts external to SAP.

We round off Unit 2 with a comprehensive overview of the Customer Interaction Center (CIC), available 24/7/365 for assistance with non-technical issues.  Incident Solution Matching helps customers get answers to technical issues by suggesting solutions based on case data.

Course in a Nutshell (Units 1 & 2)

To summarize we have the following key topics:

Unit 1:

  • SAP for Me, SAP Support Portal and SAP Community
  • Product Knowledge, Scope of Support, Knowledge Base,
  • Guided Answers, Support Assistant and Log Assistant

Unit 2:

  • ‘Get Support’ Application and Built-In-Support
  • Expert Chat, Schedule and Expert, Schedule a Manger, Ask a Peer,
  • Customer Interaction Center and Incident Solution Matching

Curious to learn more? Get active and start your training today!  - Support Accreditation

Part 2 of the Support Accreditation introduction will follow soon.

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