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20/10/2015: 27 students from Worms University of Applied Sciences, their professor Dr. Rieck and Mr. Güthinger, academic assistant with focus on IT & Projects and lecturer for ERP System (SAP) & SAP-TERP10, visited SAP Headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.

The first program point was a speech entitled ‘The Cloud is not the Limit’, which was held by Steffen Fischer, Global Program Manager, Scale, Enablement and Transformation at SAP SE.

At the beginning of the presentation Steffen showed a chart which demonstrated that a lot of data is generated in the private sphere. In comparison to a simple and handwritten letter it is new that a large amount of data exists in a digital form. In this context Steffen Fischer defined what Cloud Computing exactly is. In simple terms it is a conglomeration enriched with data and intelligence. In contrast to the Internet the Cloud includes tools to be able to do something with data. In the further run, Steffen introduced SAP University Alliances Mission. One objective is it to build the next generation talents for the digital enterprise. For this purpose, SAP UA has found several programs. For example Academy Cube with the objective to strengthen tomorrow’s workforce and to open the door to new opportunities in the international market for motivated talents. Using an intelligent matching system the intervention of jobs is solved in an intelligent way. Talent profiles are matched to job profiles to reveal readiness for specific jobs. Talents receive proposals and register themselves for available courses and job profiles are matched with learning materials. Additionally qualification gaps should be identified and closed to enhance employability.

After that the students got an insight into some new technological gadgets at d-shop (‘The Developer’s Workshop). Julien Vayssiere who is leading d-shop explained how 3D-Printing works. The student got the opportunity to try the google glass and some virtual reality devices.

The last program point was the SAP Inspiration Pavilion, where the students learned more about the history of SAP and experienced firsthand the manifold faces of Big Data. The visitors saw how data is affecting our lives today and uncovered its enormous potential for the future.

We are happy that the group enjoyed the visit at SAP very much!