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Twenty-five students from the Universities of Lausanne and St. Gallen have received a certificate for SAP Business ByDesign®, the On-Demand solution of the German enterprise software company, after successfully attending a certification course taking place May 31, 2012 at the premises of SAP (Switzerland) AG in Regensdorf. With this certificate the students are able to combine theoretical and practical requirements with regard to enterprise systems, thereby meeting the growing demands and expectations enterprises have when looking for new employees.

The SAP Business ByDesign® solutions supports all business processes, from sales to production, procurement and accounting. Taking into account especially the needs of small and medium sized enterprises, SAP Business ByDesign requires no hardware or software installation. It can be used quickly and easily over the Internet, thereby saving costs and leading to increased user satisfaction.

The idea of giving students of two master programs (Business Innovation at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and Information Systems at the University of Lausanne) the opportunity to get certified for using SAP Business ByDesign has resulted from many years of collaboration between SAP (Switzerland) AG and the two universities. At HSG, Prof. Dr. Boris Otto, assistant professor under the chair of Prof. Dr. Hubert Österle, since 2009 has been offering a course in each spring semester named Enterprise Systems. Students of this course acquire comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge on using enterprise systems, thereby getting prepared for a successful SAP certification. At the University of Lausanne, Prof. Dr. Christine Legner since 2011 has been offering an introductory course named Business Processes and Information Systems as part of the bachelor program, comprising exercises and trainings with SAP Business ByDesign. In the masters program students then use the SAP solution in the course of a case study on a requirements analysis for establishing and developing further enterprise software.

Both courses are supported by the SAP University Alliances Program, which is a worldwide program that supports leading universities in using SAP software for their teaching activities. During the pilot phase, which ends December 31, 2012, SAP makes available and offers consulting for SAP Business ByDesign for free.
Being granted the opportunity of getting certified for SAP Business ByDesign was highly welcomed by the students, which is why preparations to continue with this offer are already under way.

For more information please contact:

  • Prof. Dr. Christine Legner
    Professor of Information Systems,
    University of Lausanne, Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC)
  • Prof. Dr. Boris Otto
    Assistant Professor of Business Administration
    University of St. Gallen

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