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Only a few weeks left until the Hands-On Security Challenge starts - are you already registered?

Don´t miss the chance to be part of our innovative course that takes place in the Flipped Class Approach.

WFCETD: Hands-On Security Challenge with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

More space for interactive collaboration joined by self-responsible learning:

Flipped Classroom is an efficient learning strategy that reverses the traditional learning environment by providing mostly self-paced learning content outside the classroom, while course time is reserved for more active learning such as discussions, projects, exercises, and workshops. Learn at your pace, when and where you want, and use your time efficiently in the dedicated discussion rounds.

Easy and smooth training start:

The course starts with a one-day kick-off event where your instructor provides you with an introduction to basic tools and options for finding security incidents, as well as an introduction to the SAP Enterprise Threat Detection solution. At the end of the first day, you will carry out a first security exercise.

Exercise and deepening at your own pace:

During the self-study phase the students will have access to the online course material to refresh their skills or build up their System Administration- and Security Knowledge (the material will be made available in the Kick Off Event).

In addition, students meet in the middle of the self-study at a one-day instructor event to familiarize themselves with the most important topics from SECETD. This is the opportunity to discuss open issues from the SECETD self-study phase.

The next level of gamification:

Finally, a key element of this course is the Hands-On Security Challenge, which is once again held as a one-day event with the instructor. Participants are introduced to Challenge Setup and grouped into two teams (Attacker and Defender) to work against the other team in a first round. After the lunch break, the groups change their roles and start the second round in reverse roles.

The course ends with a final discussion on the solutions of the challenge, a final summary, and the Q&A options before we end with a small winning ceremony.

This course is ideal for security professionals who want to prepare for attack and defense scenarios with a hands-on workshop delivered as live and interactive security challenge.

Learning has never been so flexible, creative, and innovative: Take advantage of the opportunity to learn how to protect your SAP systems in a playful and effective manner.