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For years I have been giving lectures for students, e.g. on the ABAP programming language. That's pretty exciting. You pass on your knowledge and learn an incredible amount yourself in the process. The questions and discussions about the lecture content help everyone, even the lecturer 😉

But it's not always about the lecture. Often you talk to students about typically human topics such as their professional future. Yes, because that' really human: We're in the middle of a turbulent phase of our life full of possibilitis and chances, but we're already hoping and dreaming of tomorrow. Of course, that helps in the present with many difficult topics, when you know why you're dealing with all of the challenges.

A central question is always how you can shape your professional future with and around SAP. That's a good question! After all, the competitors for the professional future are no small or unknown companies. Apple and Google also have a great reputation and more than interesting technologies, for example.

Fortunately, SAP doesn't have to hide here. The SAP ecosystem is huge, cosmopolitan and offers many opportunities. Just finding the starting point for your own career is sometimes not that easy. But that shouldn't be the case with the competitors either 😉

Especially for students, there are definitely some great, digital offers at SAP. This includes the SAP Learning Hub Edition for SAP Next-Gen and the SAP Young Thinkers Community.

juliaeva.geczi  presented the possibilities nicely in this blog. Many thanks to her and her colleagues!

In my lectures, I can also provide further orientation in a personal conversation. A recommendation is to familiarize yourself with typical SAP terms and topics as early as possible on the basis of all available information sources, mostly online, and to do internships as often as possible in companies that work with SAP software during the semester break. This not only includes partners and customers of SAP, but of course also SAP itself 😉 Ultimately, it's about gaining experience as early as possible and determining what interests you and what not.

With this in mind, every student should start the journey as early as possible. For me it started during my high school graduation and in retrospect that was a great thing! 🙂


Best regards, thanks for reading and stay healthy