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Dear students, customers, partners, and SAP experts,

SAP customers have high expectations that their solution deployments are streamlined, hassle-free and successful. As an SAP partner, you already know that the SAP Rapid-Deployment solutions portfolio contains the SAP deployment best practices, content, accelerators and step-by-step deployment guides to help you predictably deploy and easily impress customers. But have you actually deployed an RDS?  Do you have the right skills and knowledge?   Not to worry, you now have the opportunity to learn more about key concepts and deployment processes of rapid-deployment solutions forFREE.


Register for the upcoming May 14th openSAP course on Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions. This is an exciting new course which allows you to learn at a time that suits your schedule, anytime, anywhere.  This openSAP course simplifies the way you can learn, through video lectures, self-tests, weekly assignments and discussion forum.  Find out how you can deploy SAP Solutions faster and better than ever!


Gain the specialized knowledge and have a distinct advantage over your competitors when deploying SAP Innovations.  We strongly encourage you to register and attend this course and learn more about SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions. Learn how to create and deploy a Partner Rapid Deployment solutions
service offering, which is a critical component to achieve a Rapid Deployment solutions Partner qualification status.


Best regards,

Rodolpho Cardenuto                                                       Bernd Welz

President                                                                         Executive Vice President

Global Partner Operations                                               Solution and Knowledge Packaging