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SAP always puts a high value on Talent Cultivation in China these years. On 14th and 15th March 2013, Dr. Bernd Welz (Senior Vice President, Global Head, Solution and Knowledge Packaging) paid a special visit to Nanjing University and Beijing Jiaotong University in China.

During the visit, Dr. Bernd gave an exciting speech on SAP HANA to the postgraduates students who majored in Computer Science in Nanjing University on 14th March 2013. There were about 100 students and 3 faculties attended it in the afternoon. The students were aware of the popularity of SAP HANA, and 4 of them raised their questions to Dr. Bernd about SAP HANA and next hot-spot technology of SAP. We’ve aroused their interest in studying SAP HANA.

The professors also extended the gratefulness for Dr. Bernd’s visit and the speech, and they are looking forward to more opportunities from SAP in the future.