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Nearly 300 professors attended the SAP Academic Conference Americas Feb. 21-23, 2013 in Milwaukee, WI. The event showcased SAP’s innovation platform – which includes SAP HANA offerings, enterprise mobility, and analytics. "Sharing Successful Practices" breakout session leaders shared approaches for innovating SAP University Alliances initiatives. Presentations included example resources that others can leverage to enhance their SAP educational initiatives.


Creating Engaging Learning Materials Using

As customers adopt SAP HANA for in-memory analytics and as their application database, students need SAP HANA knowledge to compete for tomorrow’s jobs. In this session professors heard how they can create engaging learning materials using resources available today…videos, use cases, and competitive test drives available at Attendees gained insights they can use right away in spring semester courses.

Michael Bliemel, Dalhousie University

Lorraine Gardiner, California State University, Chico

Bob Szymanski, Georgia Southern University

Crowd - Cloud - Collaborate: An Inter-University Project

Attendees learned how professors from three universities created an innovative classroom experience in which students use SAP Cloud solutions to “do business.” They learned how they could join this inter-university activity in subsequent semesters or create one of their own. The approach works using both SAP ERP and SAP Business ByDesign.

Ed Bosman, British Columbia Institute of Technology

Nitin Kale, University of Southern California

Cultural Challenges of Teaching SAP in Latin America

In this session professors from Latin America heard experiences of 17 years teaching SAP in Latin America and gained insights on starting to teach with SAP.

Aulis Tornero, SAP Consultant and independent Professor in Chile

Developing an Interdisciplinary Analytics Curriculum

At Grand Valley State University, an interdisciplinary team is delivering analytics curriculum aligned with industry needs and suitable for all business majors. In this session attendees learned how they too can identify the skills employers need, build consensus for new curriculum, and enable students to gain highly sought after analytic skills.

Thomas McGinnis, Grand Valley State University

Engaging High School Students in ERP

Emporia State University uses the ERP Simulation Game to interest high school students in business and IT. This presentation covered how professors can increase high school student interest in business education, create stronger relationships with high school teachers, and demonstrate value to your university to gain continued support for University Alliances membership.

Ronald Freeze, Emporia State University

Exciting Students Through Innovative Competitions

Attendees learned how professors and students engage with the SAP ecosystem in “InnoJams” and “CodeJams,” using analytics, mobile, and SAP HANA solutions in a fun, competitive setting with help from SAP experts. Experiences exciting students through competitions using ERPsim and SAP Crystal Dashboard Design were shared.

Jim Kimpel, University of Pittsburgh

Pierre-Majorique Leger, HEC Montreal

Holger Wittges, TU München

Partnership Model for High Schools & the U.S. Army

Virginia State University has developed innovative partnerships with regional high schools as well as the Army Logistics University to further science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. Attendees learned how SAP University Alliances members can partner to inspire students to pursue STEM careers and provide graduates with marketable skills.

Ray Boykin, Virginia State University

SAP Across the Curriculum: Starting a Movement!

The University of Findlay has integrated SAP throughout the undergraduate curriculum. In this session, attendees learned how they, too, can integrate SAP in accounting, information systems, management, and marketing; and how to overcome challenges and provide value to students, faculty, and their university.

Maria Gamba, Joe Martelli, Lew Chasalow, and Louann Cummings, The University of Findlay