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What are the steps to schedule a new job run?

  1. 1.  Log on to the appropriate SAP instance and client using BATCH_USER.
  2. 2.  Go to transaction SM36.
  3. 3.  On the Define Background Job screen, fill in the Job name field with the new job name. 

Select a Job Class priority of A for High, B for Medium, and C for Low. 

It is SAP’s recommendation that all client-owned jobs begin with a Z for identification purposes. And most Basis people recommend the next two characters be the initials for the SAP module for which the SAP instance runs.  Like ZBC* for a Basis job, and ZHR* for a Human Resources job. 

Click on the Specify start condition button or press F5.

  1. 4.  On the Start Time popup, click the Immediate button to start the job right away, or click the Date\Time button to specify a date\time in the future for which the job run. 

Click “on” the Periodic job radio button and then click the Period values button if you want to schedule to job to run on a periodic basis. 

Provide the periodic values and click Save back to the main Define Background Job screen.

  1. 5.  On the main Define Background Job screen, click the Step button.
  2. 6.  On the Create Step 1 popup, fill in the ABAP program Name and any Variant needed to run the program – you had to have created the variant using BATCH_USER before using it here.  Then click Save once more.
  3. 7.  Back on the Define Background Job screen, check that all the job information is correct and then click the Save button one last time.