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More than 36 Kent County charter high school students learned about the latest business technologies during the SAP® Young Thinkers Program hosted by SAP University Alliance and the Seidman College of Business. The event was held February 24 at the GVSU Seidman College of Business.

Students from Kenowa Hills High School and Forest Hills Northern spent the day participating in hands-on exercises that tested their analytical and creative thinking skills, while learning about careers in business and technology. The program aims to help youths understand Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and its impact on businesses and everyday life. ERP refers to the automation and integration of a company’s core business to help focus on effectiveness and simplified success.

The program is sponsored by Steelcase, SAP University Alliances and the Enterprise Systems Student Union (ESSU).

The program is sponsored by SAP University Alliances heather.czech and the Enterprise Systems Student Union (ESSU).  Faculty from GVSU included: simha.magal, thomas.mcginnis, chris.gillespie, and Meagan Knoll.