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Many companies are jumping on board with digital technology to transform the way they do business. SAP has been leading the charge in bringing innovative solutions to a variety of industries and businesses.

However, companies often face challenges when it comes to adopting these new SAP innovations. The success of this adoption largely depends on how well users are enabled and onboarded. This is crucial to ensuring a successful digital transformation.

To support learning professionals and experts alike, we've consolidated a lot of the available learning content for various SAP products in this blog. Our content is specifically designed to offer a great learning experience for key users and end-users. We've based our approach on SAP Enable Now simulations, which guide users through different process executions and help them gain a quick understanding of how to use the system for specific business process steps.

So, whether you're a key user or an end-user, we've got you covered with our SAP learning content!


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All the best, Haythem