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Kwena Mabotja and De Wet Naude visited the Cape Town Science Centre (CTSC) in South Africa on the 1st February 2016. The purposes of the visit was to conduct a site visit of the CTSC premises and explore potential opportunities for collaboration between CTSC and SAP UA’s Young Thinkers Program.  The CTSC plays a significant role in transferring STEM skills to children from both privileged and under privileged backgrounds. It is a children's science museum with interactive displays such as a human gyroscope, plus a planetarium. They are also a major partner in the delivery of the Africa Code Wee initiative. With more than 250 interactive exhibits and mind-boggling puzzles, the Cape Town Science Centre is a world of discovery under one roof. They also offer opportunity to conduct scientific experiments and interaction with various software and computer programs. SAP UA is looking forward to further engagement with the CTSC. Next steps are as follows: • Participate in the Science Week taking place at the CTSC • Engage UA partners to facilitate Code Week workshops • Collaborate with UCT for student Community Projects