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YouLead 2013 is an interactive educational platform for young generation that sees itself as future influencers. Annually Forum guides its participants to explore the opportunities for professional and personal development, learn the ways of self-realization and use the strengths to reach the goals. This year the event selected 400 most promising students + 100 leaders of student organizations of all over-Russia.

SAP is a world-known technology leader keeping paths thru innovations to better future and it surely has the word and range of prospects for young leaders. SAP University Alliances CIS took the responsibility to shape SAP involvement with the support of SAP Labs, Human Resources and Marketing (thank you, guys!).

Dmitry Armjakov, SAP Labs CIS general manager, stepped forward to talk to the audience on the topic “Leadership as I see it”. It wasn’t a standard presentation but a dialogue based on Dmitry’s own experience based on education, aimings, sometimes luck, constant development and persistency with an ocean of questions and answers. Inspiration and vivid personal example were the key features describing Dmitry’s performance.   

Our friends from Human Resources presented the map of opportunities helping all interested to reveal the strong parts and gaps in professional and personal growth. They explained what competences are expected by SAP as an employer and consulted on the steps and resources to become SAP team member. The best and most motivated candidates were invited for an interview to SAP Pre-Sales Academy.

Andrey Pavlychev from Marketing presented «World trends in Digital environment development» master-class. Bright SAP online campaigns, social media groups with numerous followers – how do we do this, what’s the value? Andrey revealed tips and tricks and gave the class an exercise to try the acquired knowledge immediately. 

And, of course, InnoJam from SAP University Alliances CIS – very special one, by request of Rosmolodezh, the organization under Russian Ministry of Education and Science responsible for development of youth policy in the country. The InnoJam cases were around building the society of young people with moral values, family and profession-oriented. Extremely tough task for 1 day discussion and work but (wow!) we did it. Exciting and feasible concepts we got in the end are to be presented at the special Ministry committee.

SAP spent really good time at YouLead 2013 and, very important, we have all the grounds to believe that our young generation will lead us to the bright and prosperous future.

Yours SAP University Alliances CIS