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Everyone knows that Design Thinking is an acknowledged marker of SAP University Alliances program 2013. It's an awesome combination of very practical approach to problem solving with enough fun to keep attention and attraction. Obviously, the main part is still realistic cases aimed to find creative solutions and make our world a better place to live. That is exactly why SAP University Alliances CIS organizes so-called InnoJams only where and when there's a solid problem requiring exploration.

Right up to the start of Universiade 2013 SAP University Alliances CIS was invited by a long-term friend and partner Kazan Federal University to discuss several topics that are the inalienable part of any large-scale and crowded event: information flows, security and heritage that stays for the future generations. Of course, the best audience to address these questions are students – smart, caring and energetic. It was even more relevant as it seemed all Kazan student community volunteered to assist the Universiade Organizing Committee.

That's why Kazan Federal University stepped forward to organize design-thinking master-class led by SAP and to invite representatives of different specialties from 3 main city universities to join efforts around 3 hot cases:

  1. Universiade and relative initiatives always gather the enormous number of visitors each and every of whom wishes to see as much as possible and be in the center of all happening. That is the clear demand in well-considered information system that is available from the 1st step and reflecting all changes in proper time. What measures could solve this challenge?
  2. Our world got understandably crazy about security measures. The ideal situation is to have some solution that allows to inform about crime from everywhere in the shortest time and with minimum risks of cheating and joking. And what’s also important – the key should be simple and not to cause divestiture.
  3. Such a great sport event leaves behind modern stadiums, gyms etc. It’s not easy to keep it all and use for the benefit of citizens. How to interest people to return to the sport constructions and persuade them to bring families and kids after Universiade is finished?

We were anxious and curious about the ways partakers would go to find the rationality during just one day. But everything went smoothly and creatively and even weather favored master-class schedule. The lively part named «Interviewing» went on under the smiling sun and after students entered the venue it turned out a strong wind and heavy shower that made us shut all windows immediately.

It was fascinating to watch team discussions which reminded more of mini-battles. And we were very glad to observe that everything ended up peacefully and with unexpected though reasonable solutions which we're not supposed to reveal as students were serious about bringing them to life. We must admit that the lovely feature of these proposals (though they came from different teams) is the opportunity to be combined as Lego-blocks and will follow how it goes.

SAP University Alliances CIS thanks Kazan Federal University for an opportunity to work for a benefit of the coolest sport event Universiade and all the students who found time during the summer break to come, listen, ask and think linking creativity and knowledge amazing solutions.