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Each year in April, it’s Girls’ Day – at SAP Labs Hungary in Budapest, this is an inspiring event for the young girls who participate as well as for those SAP colleagues organizing and supporting these open days like Penelope Semkou (Products & Innovation Development). Lányok Napja is the Girls' Day Association in Hungary sponsored by many major companies, which − like SAP − organize the event in their premises each year.

Penelope and her colleagues share their experience and what motivates them day for day in their professional life with Next-Gen to attract them to what SAP has to offer – means and tools which lead into the future, digital transformation, revolutionary ways to think differently and run simple in those processes which go along with us in every-day life.

In turn, Next-Gen’s smart, new approach to view settings, processes, situations complete this exciting journey ahead of us.

19 girls joined the event this year, exchanging ideas, hopes, goals they see for themselves in their professional careers.

Ádám Dudits (University Alliances country manager CEE, Baltics & Nordics) took the opportunity to share and provide insight into what SAP & University Alliances offer to support them in their professional development and let them have a memorable great day at SAP with lots of fun.

As Penelope pointed out, these events together with other open days twice a year, leverage the impact when getting in touch with the human resources we seek: A boys’ day, for instance, or more events of this kind would have a huge, positive effect and give momentum to establish contact with the young talents we need on the labour market.

Let's keep on working together towards these goals all along the way. Thanks to all colleagues in and outside University Alliances!