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On December 5, 2013 there was a meeting of the ASUG Chile and SAP University Alliances (UA) in Latin America was invited to participate. Thanks to Aulis Tornero, SAP Consultant and teacher at INACAP and Jorge Lara Rivas, Asesor Área Administración y Negocios INACAP University and both part of SAP University Alliances, the User Group members in Chile had the chance to get to know SAP University Alliances by both an experienced academic person and also by an experienced SAP consultant.

The agenda of the whole meeting lasted 2 hours, from which the slot for SAP University Alliances was of 30 minutes. Robinson Palacios, SAP Chile Product Manager for Localizations, is the local colleague who participated in the event and presented SAP University Alliances, followed by Aulis who presented her experience with UA in Chile and finally Jorge spoke about his UA experiences at INACAP University. Also we counted with the presence of the Director of Administration and Business Career in Santiago, Mr. Jaime Orrego Guerra

What we are looking for is to see the possible synergies between the SAP User Group in Chile and our Chilean Professors, such as:

  1. Participate and promote SAP University Alliances and the SAP User Group in Chile accordingly
  2. Support to do contests, co-innovation projects with students, SAP customers and/or partners, with any challenge that the ASUG could have for them, for example.
  3. Have a kind of collaboration between the ASUG and the local Unis: Have the ASUG meetings/events at any UA University; have free trainings at the University, etc.
  4. Further proposals are very welcome!

And as Aulis Tornero, SAP Consultant since 1997 ,puts it “During these 17 years that I have been working in SAP trainings, I had the chance to observe multiple occasions the huge training problems that have system users in companies. The fact that, through UA we have the opportunity to start training users since the very beginning, giving the SAP culture to the professionals from their University studies, it is an advantage that companies will know to recognize quickly. In our first meeting with the SAP User Group in Chile, the tremendous contribution that it will be to be able to count with professionals in the market, who have already
some basic knowledge on SAP, giving a competitive advantage to young professionals too. Happy to be part of this SAP integral training project.”

Finally and to sum up, we can conclude that now they know our SAP University Alliances program and we will align then respectively during this year 2014.

:smile: Special thanks Aulis and Jorge, who aligned and agreed to represent me locally in Chile and also to Robinson Palacios and to Marisa Rey (Advocate of User Groups in Argentina and Chile) for your support on this matter in the past and beyond.

SAP colleague, Robinson Palacios, presenting SAP University Alliances on behalf of María Calzada.

Consultant Aulis presenting her experience along UA in Chile.

Jorge presenting his experience with students at INACAP.