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We are excited to share with you that we hosted more than 80 students and 5 professors at the SAP d-kom event, Bangalore on 4 Feb 2016. Additionally and to our delight 20+ students from HOPE Foundation Vocational training centers joined us at the Power Talk for students. The audience included a good mix of students from UA colleges, ET invitees and CSR supported  HOPE Foundation students. This was the first instance when external students got an opportunity to be a part of SAP d-kom in India which has an overall participation of more than 4000 employees. The main event had 500+ speaker with 350 hours of content for  attendees where UA students get an outside-in view of trends, development practice, and innovation. They were also able to attend great keynotes such as  the one by the MD of SAP Labs – Dilipkumar Khandelwal.

At the event, we had a special Students’ Corner where the students got an opportunity see some cool demos on prototypes developed under the SAP Mile projects from 3 student teams from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore and Chitkara University, Chandigarh. Rahul Sachdev, Head of SAP University Alliances India Subcontinent, kicked off the Power Talks with the SAP Next-Gen Consulting initiative to inspire student on how they can co-Innovate using SAP solutions with our SAP Ecosystem and look at exciting career opportunities with them.

Together with Talent Acquisition/ Early Talent team, we had Power Talks on various topics for students to get excited about learning new solutions in the areas of IoT, HCP, Big Data Innovations in Healthcare and UI/ UX - BUILD Solutions by our senior SAP expert colleagues such as Viswanadh Akella,Chandramohan Sankaran, Biju Balachandran and Rajesh Prabhu. This was followed by Inspiring Talks from Suniti Narasimhan and ChandrasekharKrishnamurthy from one of our partners on an organization’ s  journey with SAP on Digital Transformation and the imperatives of digital transformation in context of business and technology today. We were then joined by our Senior Executives Elke Manjet, SVP, HR Products & Innovation SAP SE and Vlasta Dusil, Head HR India for a great discussion facilitated by Dinu Nanjappa, Early Talent Lead-APJ, SAP Labs India giving students important insight into careers for Early Talents at SAP and how UA & TA are strongly  collaborating to attract best Talent from UA & ET colleges at SAP.

A special thanks to Dinu, Viswa, Chandra, Rajesh, Biju, Vlasta, Elke, Suniti and Chandrasekar for their amazing support to execute the engagements for the students at SAP d-kom. A big thanks to the SAP Mentors Vidur Bhatnagar, Malathi Turlapati, Muthuraj T, Deepti Lakshmi, Shiney Sooraj, Avinash G and Lakshmi Kavitha Santhana for their incredible support to the student teams to showcase their cool demos under the SAP Mile Project.