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Johannesburg, March 2015

De Wet Naude and Kwena Mabotja visited the Maharishi Institute (Johannesburg : Maharishi Institute) in Johannesburg, South Africa on Thursday 5 March 2015.  The meeting was with CEO Taddy Blecher and other staff members, Messrs. Elvis Salila and Dan Ranape.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the various programmes of the University Alliances as well as to unpack the roles of other entities of SAP, such as Skills for Africa, the Dual Study Programme, SAP Education Academies and the SAP Learning Hub for Students.

The Maharishi Institute is a non-profit organisation established in June 2007 to develop a new generation of leaders for South Africa. Maharishi Institute provides financial access to the qualifications of its education partners which students access via distance education, while gaining work experience. The Institute enriches the distance education learning experience and makes it complete through the provision of comprehensive support services, including work experience, infrastructure access, bridging programmes, and self development programmes. The Institute is a division of the non-profit Maharishi Education for Invincibility Trust (IT 9927/07) and is a Public Benefit Organisation

From the visit It was clear that there is great scope for collaboration over a wide range of topics. The enthusiasm and energy from both sides was palpable and SAP UA looks forward to a long and fruitful collaboration with the Maharishi Institute.

Image 1 – Taddy Blecher, CEO of the Maharishi Institute

Image 2 – Some of Maharishi’s impressive array of computer training in labs