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We are glad to share that UA China has participated in Entrepreneurship Summit for Higher Education Institutions at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) on April 15th. The summit was host by an outstanding startup company – DreamMap,  co-funded by several SJTU Alumni’s. It was attracted over 150 professors from 70 higher education institutions all around China. As a potential partner of SAP, UA was invited to attend this event and exchange ideas on entrepreneur Education for college students.

Quite a few local influential entrepreneurs delivered speech on stage that day. Kevin Liu, Vice President, SAP Database & Technology Greater China as one of the speaker talked about how SAP enables institutions and young students to cultivate their entrepreneur spirit and support their career dreams. Benny and Josie from SAP UA China team also attended to promote UA offerings relate to entrepreneurship education, and got fruitful feedback from professors and lecturers from different schools.

Next step, we will keep on further align with local partners and universities to enlarge the entrepreneurship community in China and promote SAP value through it.