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By Kwena Mabotja:

Kwena Mabotja and Gustave Sawadogo visited SAP partners Atos and HP GDC in Morocco on the 26th March. The purpose of the visits was to engage with Atos and HP GDC staff on a long term strategy to partner with SAP on capacity building for the region.  For the discussion, the following points and/or action items were derived:

  • Define strategy for partnering with Atos and HP GDC on capacity building initiatives
  • Explore possibility to partner with Atos and HP GDC on Dual Study Program
  • Provide an overview of UA and identify opportunities for collaboration
  • SAP UA intends to work further with these organizations on these areas.

Kwena and Gustave also attended the SAP Partner Cocktail and Networking event in Morocco. The purpose of the event was to create further opportunities to network with SAP partners in Morocco, with the view of establishing connections for further collaboration on capacity building in Morocco. The event was attended by 10 SAP Partners and 5 staff from the SAP off in Morocco.