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SAP Labs India is a very young organization. I have often heard from some of my senior colleagues that the median age in SAP Labs India is close to 26 -28 years. Now that’s really amazing! What has amazed me even more is the passion with which the SAP Labs team and SAP University Alliances has been working on a very special event dedicated to the young university students.

The event is called SAP Techniversity to be held on 26 November 2012. These teams have been at it since last year from the moment they concluded a successful SAP TechEd 2011 at Bangalore in November with over 10000 plus participants. There were close to 600 university students present at the event in 2011 and they were so excited to be there. So a thought came along – “If there is so much interest amongst the university students then why not have an event dedicated to them - after all, the future leaders at SAP have to be hired or at least engaged today”.

I know SAP TechEd is a great event, packed with knowledge for professionals, consultants, developers, corporations but I have never heard of any event which is focused on imparting the same kind of knowledge to university students with the aim to getting them industry ready. University professors do a commendable job of getting students ready for the industry but there is always a gap that needs to be filled before they become truly ready. I see this event as a great initiative by SAP Labs India and SAP University Alliances to bridge this gap and give these students the final boost that can help their careers take off.

Let’s talk about the event!

There are 5 pillars of this event – Education, Inspiration, Innovation, Career and Competition/ Excitement!


There are 5 broad educational topics which will feature some “industry greats” – and what a line up till now.

  • Jeffery Word, SAP VP, Global HANA Evangelist and author of SAP HANA Essentials will speak on Big Data
  • Mekin Maheshwari, President Engineering for on eCommerce
  • World Renowned ethical Hacker – Ankit Fadia – will speak on Ethical Hacking
  • A panel discussion by young and innovative entrepreneurs such as
    • Phanindra Sharma, CEO, Redbus
    • Suhas Gopinath, Youngest CEO, Globals Inc
    • Sunnet Singh Tuli, Founder, Akash Tablet

Students will get to hear from the man who once led the Indian Cricket team with such determination and perseverance and was considered a “Wall” for his superb qualities of leadership and temperament – Former Indian Cricket Team Captain – Rahul Dravid. World Chess Grand Master, Vishwanathan Anand would be in Sweden playing against the latest chip developed by Intel that claims that this chip can beat Anand at Chess. So before coming down to Bangalore for his keynote at SAP Techniversity he will play that support computer – it will be interesting to hear about his battle when he comes back! Third Speaker – Marco Tempest - Students will get to see a number of tricks by this digital magician and my brain would have to be really full of bugs if I were to miss this!

InnovationSAP BizTech 2012

SAP Labs India and SAP University Alliances India had organized the Dashboard Design Challenge in 2011 and this year they have decided to take the competition a few notches higher. They have challenged the students' creative pursuit of innovation to come up with a product or a solution that can help the world run better and what better themes than – Sustainability, Big Data, Mobility, Governance and Social Networking. The finalist teams get a chance to showcase their solutions in the Demo Jam on 26th November 2012 and win not just cash prizes but be eligible for internship opportunities at SAP Labs.



I am sure there is no book written on a topic such as– “How to Get Industry Ready overnight” yada yada! But I sure can hear it from the experts, recruiters or people working in the area of my interest. This event should help students learn the tricks of the trade and get started on that dream career.

Excitement – The event will see many rocks bands from colleges across India compete against each other giving this event a very exciting touch. I dont think i have ever heard of any organization in India calling bands. Wow!!


When I see so many different elements packed together in this single one day event, I am compelled to believe that it will be Seriously Fun!!


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