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The next stop for SAP University Alliances on 23 July to showcase SAP Techniversity and SAP Lumira Challenge was at college affiliated to Anna University - Saveetha Engineering College where more than 150 students and 2 professors were present. It was great to interact with such an patient audience and we made an attempt to educate the students on intersting topics such as Cloud, Mobility, Database and Analytics along with topics such as the SAP Student Entrepreneurship Program.

We thank the professors for supporting us to interact with the students and we invite all the students to take part in the SAP Lumira Challenge + encourage their friends to participate as well.

SAP Lumira Challenge 2014 is out and here is where you will find more information : University Challenge 2014 in India : SAP Lumira. Register Now and win iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nokia XL!!! When we are there at your university we will share more about the challenge!

Here are the picture!!