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It was unbelievable to see 600 students gather up to be part of the SAP Techniversity roadshow on 29 Oct at Chitkara University. The audience was addressed by Sunder Madakshira who is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications in SAP Labs, Bangalore. At this event Sunder talked to the students about how they can benefit from an event like SAP Techniversity where prominent speakers from top companies directly engage with students. How such an event is a one-of-a-kind effort by the corporates to bring the students up to speed with the latest trends and buzz words in IT . He spoke about how the event is going to focus on Cloud computing along with other focus topics such as mobility, analytics, in-memory computing, security.

We thank Sunder for taking the time out to visit Chitaka University and speak to the students.

We hope to receive as much participation possible from Chitkara University which has been a member with us for some time now and have seen great support from them.