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On August 28, we SAP University Alliances, along with the HR team were invited to attend an event with students FEI campus in São Bernardo do Campo.

Approximately 50 students attended our event and we approach a very interesting topic in our technology today, the Internet of Things. Daniel Bio, Senior Principal IVE can talk a little about trends in which companies are preparing to face in the near future.

Daniel commented brilliantly the new forms of trade we have and how we all must adapt ourselves to this way of consumption, students that the vast majority was curious to know how long this would happen and in what

way they would be impacted by more this technological advancement.

The event also featured two other colleagues at SAP, Mariana Martins, regional treasurer sole and Diego Anson, senior finance specialist. They could tell we

SAP are a team and all employees contribute to the growth of our company.

Diego Anson, talked about a solution that is extremely valuable nowadays, Simple Finance, this SAP solution aims to give greater dynamism in operation that  took days. He told in detail how companies could analyze market data and quickly create an action to attract new customers or do something that adds to the company.

Without a doubt the students had the opportunity to meet new technological trends and know that we at SAP we are always involved with what is most innovative in the market.

Many thanks to all who were able to participate, especially Amanda Mello, Daniel Bio, Diego and Mariana; I am sure impacted very positively with the FEI.