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German readers might already be familiar with the professional computing books from Rheinwerk Verlag. Recently, a number of books have been translated to English, published by the US subsidiary, Rheinwerk Publishing, for SAP PRESS.

In this article you will find a review with some complementary personal insights.

For a book review about the JavaScript edition, see

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About the Series

Professional Computing

Time of writing, six titles are available covering the programming / scripting languages Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML/CCS, the project management tool Git and Docker container technology.

Of course, many books have already been written on these topics and you can find plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube or courses on platforms like Udemy.

Should you be (relatively) new to the topic, however, or could maybe use a reminder, making a choice when confronted with this smörgåsbord tends to be a bit challenging, This is where these books could come to the rescue.

As captured in the subtitle, these are comprehensive guides ranging from about 400 pages for Git to about one thousand pages for Python, JavaScript, and Java.

Browse the Book

You can check the contents and read a sample chapter on the SAP PRESS website.

Any discounts?

Yes, there are frequent sales and specials. To be notified, follow SAP PRESS on LinkedIn and/or Twitter.

Git - Project Management for Developers and DevOps Teams

About the Authors

Bernd Öggi and Michael Kofler co-authored both the Docker and Git books amongst others (Die Autoren von »Git«). For more information, see their respective websites (German)

About the Book

How to work with git is covered in about 400 pages, starting with how to install the software, getting started with the basic commands, and how to work with IDEs and editors with git integrated like Microsoft Visual Studio Code or Xcode for macOS.

The main section of the books covers the basic principles of git and goes into much detail about committing, branching, merging, stashing, merging, rebasing, plus some information about the internals. The online software version control services GitHub and GitLab are covered in a chapter each with Azure Devops, Bitbucket, and other combined in a third chapter.

As we can tell from the title, the book not only covers the tool but also project management topics about workflows and working techniques are addressed extensively. There is a dedicated chapter about problems and solutions (for example, in case you are in a detached HEAD state... )

The last chapter is reserved for a command reference for the most common commands and the most commonly used options.

For more information, visit

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