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Dear Valued SAP Partners,

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeed!  Ensuring that you can offer enablement as part of your sales helps both you and your customer achieve a more successful software adoption.  Take a look at this infographic highlighting the value that SAP Learning Hub brings to partners: SAP Learning Hub: Energize Your Digital Transformation With The Right Skills

I thought it would be helpful to outline the steps to reselling SAP Learning Hub, so that you can fast track and GET GROWING with SAP learning offerings to digitally energize your business:

I am a VAR and...

  1. I want to resell SAP Learning Hub. What should I do?

    Confirm you have signed the SAP PartnerEdge Sell Cloud Specific Terms and Conditions amendment to your partner agreement that authorizes you to sell SAP Learning Hub.

  2. I am already authorized to resell SAP Learning Hub. What should I do?

    Contact for an initial onboarding session and get the required setup before you begin placing orders or making registrations.

  3. I want to order less than 9 users. How do I do this?

    You are able to order SAP Learning Hub for up to 9 licenses without any SAP involvement and you will get invoiced directly. Your customers will receive immediate access.

    Watch this training video:  How to Create an SAP Learning Hub Single Purchase.

    You were granted access to our enablement library during your onboarding. Contact if you do not have access or haven’t been on boarded

  4. I want to order more than 9 users for a customer. What should I do?

    Contact your partner business manager to understand pricing, register your deal, and creating an order. You will receive a voucher code upon order confirmation.

  5. I have already purchased SAP Learning Hub, have my voucher code, and now would like to provide access to my customers.

    Watch this video to learn how to register users for SAP Learning Hub. You were granted access to our enablement library during your onboarding. Contact if you do not have access or haven’t been on boarded.  Your voucher code is your access to register users for your customers (Your customer cannot use this code on their own, so please do not distribute). Once you register a user, a user ID will be generated and registered users will receive an email confirmation with logon instructions, you will get a copy. This confirms their access. Learners use to logon to SAP Learning Hub.

    These awesome videos were created with our very own SAP Workforce Performance Builder which is also available for resell and is a great way to help support you with building training for your customers.  Workforce Performance Builder

Need additional help getting started with your first registrations on the SAP Partner Training and Certification Shop?

  • Reach out via the Partner Collaboration Rooms with questions or to collaborate with peers on learning topics:  SAP Partner Collaboration Rooms

  • Contact for a live onboarding if you need additional support. Are your customers having trouble accessing SAP Learning Hub or unable to view content?  Please contact for all end customer logon issues.

Bookmark these links to additional resources

Thanks and happy selling!

Mycaah Rodriquez-Hoshaw

Director, Channel Development

SAP Global Channels and General Business