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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
SAP has created a Partner Sales Academy to produce a new set of sales professionals with selling skills designed specifically to increase coverage and success in the General Business (GB) space. These sales executives will provide an outstanding customer experience to their prospects, helping companies through their digital transformation, engaging with CxOs, leveraging Digital Sales Motions, and driving the sales cycle end to end, fully aligned with SAP sales methodologies.

The program is a 6 week intensive program with a combination of face to face training and virtual work. The program will begin with a weeks pre-course learning which is mandatory for all participants. We then have a full week of intensive sales training followed by 3 weeks of virtual coursework which is taken while the delegate is back in their partners premises. This coursework includes more in-depth work on topics learnt in the first weeks face to face workshop. The delegates then return for a final week of face to face workshops which is finished with a course assessment to make sure the executives are ready to go out into the partner market and sell. The full course and agenda topics can be seen in the graphic below

The idea behind this program is to bring more sales people into the SAP partner environment and ideally people are new to sales. We are looking for candidates who have no or limited sales experience who may come direct from business schools or are in other roles where they are looking for a change into sales. This is not a training course for people who have been selling SAP for an extended period of time as we are looking for new, fresh candidates who will help us grow the number of sales executives in the SAP ecosystem.

After a pilot in Australia that is taking place in November and December 2016, SAP will be rolling this program out globally. We have plans to run the partner academy in EMEA, North America, MEE, Latin America and China so if you are interested in sending anyone to this program or would like to get more information, please feel free to put your comments in the forum and I will contact you to discuss the roll-out in more detail. I would also welcome any comments about what else you would like to see in this program as we take it to all the global regions.

The screenshot below is the latest planned global rollout of this program. All of the dates in here are still to be 100% validated but these are the planned dates for each region. As soon as each region is confirmed I will add the invites and registration page on this site.

Please reach out to me via the comments below if you would like any more information