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SAP Labs in association with the Karnataka Government organized a very unique 3 day event on the lines of "InnoJam" for university students where the students were taught technologies such as UI5, Gateway and SAP HANA in one day and were asked to come up with innovative solutions to improve the state of affairs at a retail store. University Alliances was also present at the event to support Labs with this endeavor. There were 8 teams of 6 students each and 1 team of 7 Professors. These students were from 8 different universities from Karnataka and were all mixed together by the team so that there is a .To our delight these students did much better than our initial judgment. Our only concern was whether the students would be able to learn these technologies in one day and be able to use them on Day 2 and Day 3!

Day 1 was filled with information/ knowledge on SAP HANA, UI5 and Gateway. The students were also taken through an end to end use case of how these technologies can be used to come up with a complete solution. It was amazing to see so many speakers from SAP Labs come together and put up the course material and all resources in such a short time. More amazingly these  expert speakers were VERY young - the youngest being 22 years!! A few of them in fact were preparing for the Beta versions of projects but were more than dedicated to be present and help the students on Day 2 and Day 3. So day one was totally dedicated to preparing the students for the next two days. Not to forget MD SAP Labs, Andy Dey started the day with his remarks and his vision, followed by Sunder Madakshira, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, SAP Labs Bangalore. Also, the Principal Secretary to the Government, Department of Industry and Commerce - Mr M.V. Vidyashankar share some great thoughts on how Bangalore offers such great opportunities for students in Universities and the way forward.

Day 2 was all about coding! It would be unfair to say that the students just got a hang of the software in fact they had actually got pretty good at using the HANA Studio were very focused to be able to complete their tasks within a day. The team of experts were around to guide the students with their queries and believe you in me - there were lots. And perhaps it is due to this close engagements that these experts and the students were able to form very strong bonds with each other by the end of the 3rd day. Michael Byczkowski, VP of Technology Innovation, SAP AG gave a 60 minute overview of Design Thinking and guided the students with their projects through the rest of Day 2 and Day 3.

Final Day!

The teams kept on coding till about 12:30 pm, then began preparing for the Demos and did quite a wonderful job at highlightin the benifits of their solution. The judges did an equally good job at throwing some tough questions at the students.The winning team created an app called “Shop Buddy” which helps customers buy products based on their personal choices, and preferences. Students who were a part of this team are: Rohini Bharadwaj (Dayananda Sagar College), SHREYAS ADITYA (BMS College), Neeraj Gupta (MSRIT), Anju S Raj (MVIT), Sripradha K (PESIT), Arjun Srinivasan (R.V. College of Engineering).

All in all this was a great event to be a part of and I am looking forward to the successive editions of this event!