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To become what you aspire to be, you must acquire the knowledge that is required for that aspiration! That is my version of the Peter's Principle.

I often tell my students that if they want to see themselves become the professional they dream of, then they must fill up that knowledge gap! And that, there are just 2 ways one can fill that gap! First is to "read a lot" and second is to "network & listen to people"! In the age of the internet both can be achieved with the utmost ease - however, youth from the under-reached sections of the community are still far from the luxury of the internet.

During the SAP Month of Service of 2016 in India we set ourselves a vision to create an opportunity for students from under-reached sections of our community to network, gain knowledge from the our experts and apply that knowledge in a fun hands on engagement.

So we took on the challenge to organize 7 mini hackathons across Bangalore, identify the winners and get them over to SAP Labs Bangalore for the final hackathon on SAP Lumira/ Analytics on November 3, 2016.
Did we achieve it? Yes, and we did because of the volunteers from SAP who drove the efforts.

On October 20, 2016 we executed the mini hackathons at 4 locations and on October 26 2016, we executed at 3 more locations. These locations were the training centers of our partner NGOs such as HOPE Foundation and Dream a Dream foundation, both of whom, work to towards the empowerment of youth. The on Nov 3, 2016 we brought over some 25 students, the winners, from all these locations to tackle yet another analytic challenge. Not only were the students able to understand SAP Lumira but were able to create wonderful visualizations of the data and present it.

The mini hackathon did have a lot to prepare in terms of preparing the training content, training our own volunteers, creating groups who would execute each of these hackathons but we did all these!

A big shoutout to the team of Pranitha, Sai Prakash, Sudhanshu, Raghav, Manjumol, Swetabh and Malavika who ensured that all efforts helped realize the end goal.

Some glimpses of the hackathon!