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Dear All,

SAP certification is the most sought among various People who are working in SAP background and would like to move up in the ladder. Although there are hundreds who know SAP and work on the same but Certified SAP Consultants stand among them. Once upon a time I had wondered as i am working in SAP, why do i need a certification.

Answer to this question, i got when there was a recession in 2008.

My company laid off non certified SAP consultants but indeed kept the Certified Professionals.

I started observing that Certification does gives an edge over other professionals working in an organization.

There was a time during late 90's when SAP was booming among the other IT technologies. Most of young graduates, senior professionals working in government oil majors quit their jobs to pursue a career in SAP.

It was a time when interviewer's ask couple of transactions, if you answer them, you are in to the company. Slowly trends changed, and now when a recruitment for SAP consultants happen, questions in MM range from ABAP debugging to the warehouse management.

In this competitive world, Certification in SAP is a exceptional benefit. There are various organizations who charge people in the name of SAP, so arised a need to write this document in order to help the people about SAP certification and related details.

I would refine my article to Certification in SAP MM in India region.

SAP Certification in India is provided by various organizations notably:-

NIIT Technologies

Atos (Previously Siemens)

Lithan Genovate

Standard SAP Certification package costs approx 330000 which include training cost for 25 days and examination cost along with Service Tax. This method is Classroom training of 9 hours every day.

Also, one can get themselves trained via online, which would cost 175000. The enrollment is valid for 6 months. Payment can be made via demand draft or cheque.

The SAP Certification training covers Overview about SAP, basic navigation in SAP, Solution Manager and subject specific training. Some of materials related to basic navigation in SAP and Solution manager basics are online. 

SAP MM certification is named as Procurement with SAP Business Suite 7 which is the current certification version. This covers notably 4 documents or books:-

TSCM50 Part 1 - Purchasing

TSCM50 Part 2 - Invoice Verification

TSCM52 Part 1 - Inventory Mgt

TSCM52 Part 2 - Configuration

Also there is a Case Study book which is not covered for Certification Exam.

Now coming to the Certification Exam in MM:-

80 Questions

Each Questions would have options and all correct options should be selected to get a score in the question

Partial correct answers or No answers would not be eligible for score.

Exam time is 3 hours.

Test will be an online based test.

Identity proof is must in order to attempt the examination.

Passing score for the exam is 63%

The paper will have all questions consolidated, which will not be specific to any segment, but there are specific weightage assigned to each sections. Notably Inventory Mgt has highest weightage.

After finishing the exam, score will be displayed.

If you pass the exam, you will get your certification within 4-6 weeks to your address mentioned in the Examination Enrollment form.

You will also get your S- ID in a posted letter within 2 weeks.

If you fail the exam, you will get the scope of improvement card and your score in each segments.

This is all about SAP MM Certification.

Hence Please do your SAP Education only from authorised SAP Education partners.

For more details, Please contact SAP Education.