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We are excited about the SAP Lumira University Challenge so should the students of RV College of Engineering be. One of our colleagues and alumni of RVCE - Arjun Srinivasan visited his old campus and made sure the students got a firsthand experience of the SAP Lumira software. This effort, as we believe, will go quite a distance in making sure great submissions are received from RVCE. About 250 students at various sessions were able to get insights on how to use the software and come up with great visualizations. This should help them explore the world of Business Intelligence and gain perspective as Data Scientists. RVCE is a member of SAP University Alliances and has been actively participating in many of the initiatives by SAP such as SAP Osmosis, SAP Techniversity 2012 and 2013, various faculty training workshops, SAP Forums to name a few.

Arjun has supported SAP University Alliances to a great extent and for this we thank him.

Here are some pictures from 12 Nov

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