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SAP Lumira Challenge is the latest of the many events that are organized by SAP to create awareness among students. Last week Raghuram ramakrishnan, and his colleague Praveen from SAP BI product and innovation team, SAP Labs, conducted training sessions on SAP Lumira at three institutes in pune. These sessions were organized jointly by the SAP University alliances India team and the technical experts at SAP. As a SAP Student ambassador i was called in to be part of the sessions at these institutes.

Students of SCIT, SIIB and SCMHRD did not miss out this wonderful opportunity to learn and obtain a hands on training from the experts. Though i had worked on the software earlier, my brief interaction with raghu both during and after the sessions helped me appreciate the power and simplicity of the software. The sessions began typically with what is SAP, what is BI, why Lumira,  How to use Lumira followed by the rules and prizes of the Lumira Challenge.  The sessions were kept lively by taking real life example such as, how Onion price hike could be analyzed by lumira, and how insights can be derived from the same. At the end of sessions the example dataset were practiced by students which then followed to an interactive question and answer session.

I would like to thank SAP UA India team and the technical experts at SAP, for investing their time on us and equipping us with a great tool.

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