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Online or remote learning among working professionals has assumed tremendous significance in our pandemic-hit world today, isn’t it? In fact, that is the only way to keep the knowledge flowing, despite being distanced from their usual office environment and colleagues.


Earlier, online learning for employees used to be a matter of great debate – most people felt that this was a dubious aspect after putting in hours of work. But all that has changed; now it is as much the responsibility of employers to ensure the flow knowledge, as it is the employees' duty. After all, it is a matter of adapting to the changed times!


So, to ensure business continuity amidst the pandemic outbreak, enterprises are seeking the best software solutions to make remote learning convenient and interesting for their remote employees. Consequently, applications like online Learning Management Systems (LMS) and reliable residential proxy networks like Smartproxy have become integral aspects of our home office. Proxies keep us safe and secure, be it online documents or learning materials. When you are working in the office, strangers are not walking by and looking at your screen. However, if you are not using online protection when you are working from home, they might as well be doing that.


Now, if you too are keen to introduce LMS for your employees, then chances are high that you have already come across SAP Litmos. Yes, this LMS from SAP is indeed one-of-a-kind.


But is this good enough for your money? Let us find out today!


SAP Litmos – improvements it can bring about


Litmos is considered to be one of the best LMS applications today and there are multiple reasons for this. For starters, even with the plethora of features that it offers, the interface is simple and user-friendly.


Moreover, users have said that there are certain improvements they can possibly attribute to SAP Litmos, like -


  • Boost the quality of learning which improves retention levels.

  • Improve the accessibility of the course content to users.

  • Tools to assess the performance of learners and reward them.

  • Super-easy integration in the existing software landscape.

  • Make way for remote learning even between huge numbers of remote learners.


But the question remains if SAP Litmos can really stand up to all that people say about it? Is it worth your money at all?


So, what are the benefits of using Litmos?


SAP Litmos is regarded as the best remote training system for diverse corporate sectors mainly because of its advanced features. Apart from this, compliance and partner training can also be facilitated with Litmos and it can be embedded in any software environment.


Here are some of the reasons why SAP Litmos is a must-have for every business in today’s world.


  • Tailored for all sectors and industries

Regardless of the niche of the company you own, you can rely on Litmos for all your training requirements. The system is designed to fulfill the needs of both learner and trainer and facilitate the smooth flow of content. Litmos is also equipped to assist decentralized and small teams as well as content curators, whose job is to design course modules.

To empower healthcare workers, Litmos has also developed a special LMS which is completely cloud hosted. It is super easy to integrate and comes with informative courses related to healthcare as well as some tutorial courses to help beginners use the LMS.


  • Advanced content creation capabilities

Busy HR professionals would not have to spend long hours anymore to design courses because with Litmos course creation is fun and easy. A set of hi-tech tools are present to enable the course designing and an intuitive ILT model is there, with the help of which the trainer can schedule the classes. But the best part is perhaps is the gamification feature followed by leader boards, which makes learning fun and motivates learners to know more to achieve the first rank. With the progression of the course, the trainers might also create specialized learning paths to clear the doubts of every learner.


  • Interactive training sessions

Litmos is highly sought-after by learners, mostly because of its ability to engage learners in the process. Also, as the interface of the system is user-friendly and simple, learners can easily navigate into it and can even access the course materials effortlessly. Litmos is completely mobile-friendly and that is why learners can attend the lectures or download the course materials from any of the specified native apps of the company.


  • Costs-effective training sessions

Often some startups cannot afford to conduct physical training sessions because it also involves the cost of printing course materials. There is also an additional hassle of conducting a physical session and it also requires some investment. One of the unique characteristics of this LMS is that all your course modules are organized by the system so that when someone needs to access it, they can locate it effectively.


  • Performance evaluation

One of the real benefits of Litmos for instructors is that they can get insights about the performance of every learner. The performance metrics are displayed in the form of tables, charts, pies, graphs, and instructors can even compare the performance of a learner in various courses. Based on this, learners can get feedbacks from instructors which will help them improve.



Are there any drawbacks to using SAP Litmos?


Although there is not much to dislike about Litmos, experts suggest that few of the areas can do with some improvements:


  • Lack of tagging feature

Many experts feel that with the help of the tagging feature, both feedback delivery and assessment would not be tedious at all. Link modules would not need to be created for the same purpose and it will also facilitate the course materials access.


  • Lack of payment gateway

Although the system consists of a payment system, it relies on 3rd party integrations which leads to hassles during payment. To enable the buying and selling of the online courses, the system needs a dedicated-payment gateway.



Final words


If you aim to champion the cause of learning remotely and ensure that your remote workforce can garner knowledge in the best possible way, then SAP Litmos is certainly the way to go!


Still, if you have the slightest doubts if SAP Litmos is worth your money, do not miss out on their free-trial offer!