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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic has prompted us to adopt changed models and behaviors when it comes to our work, and adapt to the “new normal”.

Adapting to the new normal is especially significant in the case of businesses because they have undergone a major digital transformation, and shifted to a remote working model. While organizations have rapidly pivoted to working with a remotely-based workforce, it is equally important to keep up the efficiency and productivity of their human resources and maintain legal compliance all through.

In the pre-pandemic world, things like the Learning Management System (LMS) were generally taken for granted. But in this pandemic hit era, LMS has indeed become an all-powerful connector that can boost employee morale and unify an entire organization. And when it comes to LMS, it is hard to surpass SAP Litmos.

What is SAP Litmos?

When it comes to providing an online learning landscape for every sector of your business, SAP Litmos is the answer. It is a cloud-based LMS platform that easily integrates with the current workflow of any organization and deploys within a few minutes. It is fast and secure and highly popular for its “training in the now” design.

SAP Litmos is the ultimate online platform for corporate training that comprises - a comprehensive LMS called SAP Litmos Training and SAP Litmos Training Content which is the content-rich course catalog.

  • SAP Litmos Training – This LMS offers every intelligent business of today with all those features that are needed for effective virtual training and learning. It works very well with your existing company systems and aims to provide maximum engagement to users such that they can retain information easily. Users can access it from any device, and access video assessments, gamified content, quizzes, and personalized course content. It offers seamless integration with other systems in your company.


  • SAP Litmos Training Content – This is the ever-expanding library enriched with updated training courses and designed in a way that drives maximum retention by users. It is entirely video-based and the course content is developed professionally and updated regularly free of cost; it also includes supplementary learning materials that save time, like handouts, fact sheets, infographics, workbooks that are tested by SMEs. The collection of courses available on SAP Litmos Training Content includes HR, personal development, policy and compliance, leadership and management, retail, health and wellbeing, customer service, finance, health and safety, and many more.

Why choose SAP Litmos?

SAP Litmos is designed to offer quicker and smarter access to online corporate learning to Learning and Development and HR professionals. Users can easily automate tasks right from creating courses and completing assignments to tracking and reporting, adding new courses, and much more.

Corporate learners can easily interact with the content and courses on SAP Litmos and gain instant access to current trainings using the highly streamlined and intuitive design of SAP Litmos.

And the best thing is that be it employees of your organization, or customers or even your partners, suppliers and contractors, all parts of your business can access this platform. This invariably boosts the KPIs throughout your organization.

For customer-centric organizations that believe in providing the best to their workforce, adopting the best tools in every business operation starting from VPN to SAP Litmos, only augments their customer-centricity. SAP Litmos boosts corporate compliance among employees and contractors with its efficient and fast user onboarding system and targeted courseware.

Moreover, you gain a better analytical insight about the compliance level of your workforce and that protects your brand value to its utmost. SAP Litmos offers excellent analytical insights and reporting features for your (employer’s) benefit.

Of course, it goes without saying, that SAP Litmos is today used across the world in more than 150 countries, having completed a billion courses and trained more than 22 million corporate users. Besides, it has also bagged more than 50 eminent industry awards to date.

What features does SAP Litmos offer?

  • Centralized management – Facilitating some of the top sophisticated training sessions in the world, SAP Litmos is designed to offer trainers a unified framework for managing the whole training program on a centralized, secure platform.


  • AI and automation – SAP Litmos integrates AI to automate repetitive tasks such as course creation which used to waste man-hours unnecessarily. This automation has led to faster turnaround times and freed up human resources to focus on company compliance and strategic operations.


  • Tracking and reporting – This LMS allows efficient tracking and reporting of the progress made by learners in your organization. You can review performance and generate reports for assessment.


  • Gamification – Gamifying courses, has better outcomes from learners. SAP Litmos offers awarding systems, badges and allows the simulation of mock competitions to increase learner motivation and engagement.


  • Custom learning path creation – SAP Litmos allows logical grouping of multiple courses to create customized learning paths for better knowledge retention.


  • Instructor-led training – Virtual or classroom training modules on SAP Litmos comes complete with feedback system, course assessments, and student progress reports.


  • E-commerce capabilities – Using SAP Litmos integrates with Shopify to let you monetize courses using built-in package features.


  • Video assessments – Learners can record and upload their own videos, which are assessed by SMEs and AI capabilities integrated into the system.


  • Real-time notifications – SAP Litmos sends real-time notifications to trainers about a learner or team activities, thereby keeping them updated about the latest on-goings, remotely


Final words

In the face of this global crisis when there is a general feeling of disorientation among employees working remotely, using the SAP Litmos LMS is a brilliant way to make them feel better connected to their organization and their team. You can leverage this LMS platform to keep your customers updated on how your business might affect them, and create learning paths for your extended workforce (like freelancers and contractors) so that they can set clear goals for the days to come.

With the coronavirus pandemic, working from home seems to be the only option in the foreseeable future as of now.

To help support businesses with remote workers maintain their spirits and productivity, SAP Litmos offers free training content at its Remote Readiness & Productivity Academy which can be accessed anytime by anyone, and from anywhere.