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This was an SAP Learning Hub webcast this morning.  Please consider joining Monday's (January 29) SAP Mentor Community Call on SAP Knowledge Organization.


I provide this recap as many of the answers on this site relate to the Learning Hub.  I arrived late so my notes are incomplete.

Abstract (source: SAP)

Join us live on Thursday, January 25th at 10:00 am for a 45-minute FREE webinar& demo to discover how SAP Learning Hub gives unlimited access to all of SAP’s learning content and certification paths, as well as opportunities for collaboration, social learning and access to live systems in which to practice. SAP Education and the UK & Ireland SAP User Group have collaborated to offer SAP customers a significant discount on an SAP Learning Hub subscription.

Caroline Kinsman is an experienced senior education architect who has worked within the field of SAP Education Solutions for over seventeen years.

Source: SAP

SAP Learning Hub has live access to systems for certain courses

For people/collaborative learning, you can use the Learning room

Learning Hub is available 24 x 7

Source: SAP

There are over 70 Learning Rooms, with Instructors provide guidance

You can ask questions using SAP Jam


Source: SAP

Learning Journeys provide a suggested path through the solution; visualize learning path, integrate different options, digitize books


Source: SAP

You can search, look for courses, create learning plans, set due dates for completing.  I haven't tried monitoring learning progress with advanced reporting tools.

Source: SAP

You can review digitize books - bookboon (I have not used)


Source: SAP

I have not used the Live Access.  What I recommend with the materials is to try them on your own system first.

From the demo, you can register for "live events" within the Learning Room:

Here is a Learning Map, available in the Learning Room:

I guess I need to find the SAP Leonardo "tile" on my Learning Hub:


Question & Answers

Q: is there an app for Learning Hub for Android?

A: Offline consumption by Android

Q: How register for exams?

A: Training shop - or click through the Learning Journey will take you through the certification shop

Cloud certification - SuccessFactors, S/4HANA - some cloud certicates are available from Certification Hub (remote certificates)

Classic certification - sign up or go to training - and some are remote via Pearson "boothe" center

Q: Can we put eBooks on Kindle?

A: No

Q: Is there an option for Apple Mac?

A: Look at way browsing - review technical documentation

Q: How do we keep people motivated to complete the course?

A: Create a learning map or approach before start - follow a Learning Journey or make a map yourself of what you want to follow - and only load those in the learning list to not be overwhelmed

Easy to learning if you set aside time away to do that - move away from desk to a room

Q: Is there a site license for the Learning Hub?

A: No, it is a named user approach


Please remember to join us on Monday, January 29th (also known as "Kansas Day" for webinar on SAP Knowledge Organization