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The best way for your clients to learn how to effectively use SAP software, including the S/4HANA next-generation business suite, is with SAP Learning Hub — our award-winning, cloud-based learning solution. SAP Learning Hub delivers all of the very latest training combined with unique features to enable collaboration and community building around the globe.

SAP Learning Hub is a convenient place where your clients can be confident their learners are building and maintaining their SAP skills through:

  • Fast, easy, unlimited access to the most current training content in multiple formats and languages

  • Collaborative, interactive learning and optional hands-on practice

  • 24/7 availability

SAP Learning Hub users can learn whenever and wherever they want, which enables your clients to eliminate travel costs and fixed appointments usually associated with training. They’ll get the most up-to-date SAP learning content, along with access to dynamic social learning opportunities, LMS capabilities, and even optional access to live SAP training systems.

Here’s what SAP Learning Hub provides:

  • Content – Access to the most current training titles, including e-learning courses, transaction simulations, guides, and course handbooks, along with business-related content in multiple formats and languages

  • Social Learning – more than 80 expert-led SAP Learning Rooms for knowledge sharing, peer collaboration and certification exam preparation

  • SAP Live Access – optional access to live SAP training systems for hands-on practice

  • Learning management system capabilities to report and monitor learning programs

SAP Learning Hub is highly collaborative enabling workers to share knowledge with coworkers located anywhere in the world through social learning channels. In SAP Learning Rooms, experts answer questions, set tasks and assignments and post videos, while users have the ability to communicate and collaborate with other learners who share their same learning path.

There are more than 80 SAP Learning Rooms that cover a wide range of topics across the entire range of SAP software products. These interactive virtual spaces include learning maps, which allow users to find and stay on the path appropriate for their job/function to obtain the knowledge they need, based on access to topic-specific courses and handbooks. Learners can study at their desk, at their own pace and interact with other learners by using the Hub’s rich collaboration functionality.

Here’s a short video you can share with your clients to tell them more about SAP Learning Rooms:

SAP Learning Hub also enables users to practice what they’ve learned in a live system environment using SAP Live Access. In this fully configured live SAP software system, users can participate in class exercises, cross-train and experiment on their own. This hands-on experience with real-life SAP software environments helps them build and hone their skills and knowledge of SAP applications. An SAP Live Access subscription gives 20 hours of on-demand access to a real SAP environment.

The SAP Live Access environment is available for S/4HANA and a wide variety of other SAP solutions, plus we’re frequently adding new ones. Feel free to share this video with your customers to show them more detail about SAP Live Access and how it can enhance their SAP Learning Hub experience:

Offering access to SAP Learning Hub to your clients will open up a new world of learning and collaboration across their organization. Get your clients started today!