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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Welcome to the February 2016 update of the SAP Learning Hub News. Here you will find the latest developments for SAP Learning Hub, openSAP and more. Check out the SAP Learning Hub News archive if you have missed previous updates. You can also sign up for our email newsletter here to get the news delivered directly to your inbox.

SAP Learning Hub Edition Re branding

It’s time to simplify! To make the available options and features more transparent, we now offer just three editions of SAP Learning Hub: the professional edition, the user edition, and the student edition. Each edition will be broken down into either a public cloud or private cloud version (private cloud is customizable). No worries though, Discovery edition is not impacted and this re branding will not change the learning content that all paid edition users are accustomed to.

  • SAP Learning Hub, customer edition, partner edition, and enterprise edition (private cloud) will now be known as SAP Learning Hub, professional edition.
  • SAP Learning Hub, business user edition and user adoption edition (private cloud) will now be known as SAP Learning Hub, user edition.

All existing enterprise edition customers will now be using the private cloud version of SAP Learning Hub, professional edition (HUB300); and all existing user adoption edition customers will now be using the private cloud version of SAP Learning Hub, user edition (HUB400).

We are excited to continue simplifying and enhancing the SAP Learning Hub offering for you in the future!

SAP Learning Hub Satisfaction Survey

We have a new user satisfaction survey that offers our users an opportunity to voice their opinions and give feedback. Your input is crucial for the future development of SAP Learning Hub, so please take a few minutes to tell us what you think HERE. This survey allows you to take an active role in improving your own experience and increasing your, or your organization’s, return on investment.

Completion History Available for All

You can now access the Print Certificates of Completion report in order to access all of your completed course history, regardless of your edition or subscription status. Click on Learning Content from the top left drop-down menu of the home screen, select “My Learning Reports” from the “Links” tile, click on “Print Certificates of Completion” and run the report.

Fresh Design for 2016

If you have not already noticed, I would like to invite you to check out the redesigned home space for SAP Learning Hub. Changes include:

  • New background color and graphics to better accommodate a larger array of display sizes.
  • The Welcome tile has less text and a new video introduction
  • The Access tile is new – find assigned or new content, SAP Learning Rooms/Live Access.
  • The SAP Learning Hub News tile is new with latest happenings around SAP Learning Hub, openSAP, and more
  • The Assistance tile is new  and helps you find any reference materials and support that you need to get the most out of SAP Learning Hub

New Courses for openSAP

Check out the latest and greatest from OpenSAP:

Digital Transformation Across the Extended Supply Chain – In a Nutshell

Text Analytics with SAP HANA Platform

Reporting with SAP Business ByDesign

Auch du kannst das. Deutsch für Asylbewerber. Ehrenamtlich.

Build Your Own SAP Fiori App in the Cloud – 2016 Edition

Software Development on SAP HANA (Delta SPS 11)

Implementation Made Simple for SAP SuccessFactors Solutions

Sustainability Through Digital Transformation

SAP Learning Rooms Gaining Speed!

Our learners have spoken through their increasing participation in SAP Learning Rooms; membership increased almost fivefold over the course of 2015. If you have not already participated, get the best out of your SAP Learning Hub subscription and leverage social learning with our SAP Learning Rooms.

Employees Lack Skills for Digital Transformation

Digital learning for digitizing companies; it is a natural procession that cannot be ignored. Check out this article about the struggle for enterprises in the digital transformation HERE and try not to fall behind!