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SAP Labs at HSSIMI Student conference

Last April more than fifty talented high school students gathered at the 17th student conference of HSSIMI (the High School Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics) to present their projects in math and informatics. The conference is one of the most prestigious competitions for high school students in the country.

Colleagues from SAP Labs Bulgaria participated as mentors for the students who worked on their projects for months. In addition also this year we gave special SAP awards where we carefully judged more than 50 IT projects.

We are proud to share that some of the students, who took part in  last editions of our programming school SAP GeekyCamp, received an award of excellence and the opportunity to participate in the Summer Research School where SAP’s colleagues are also invited to volunteer as mentors or lecturers.


SAP Geeky Campers win the top places at the NOIT

The 15th edition of the National IT Olympiad took place this May in Varna. The best students in the country participated individually and with group IT projects in two age groups and three categories: Application programs, Internet applications and Multimedia applications.

We are proud that for a second year, students from our programming school SAP Geeky Camp participated in the competition and their projects won the gold medal. One of the students also became the official winner of the Olympiad as he won the gold medal in the individual competition.

As a tradition SAP Labs Bulgaria gave prizes to all winners from all age groups and categories.



FMI{Codes} is a two-day hackathon organized and hosted by the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University in the end of May. Around 40 FMI students joined the competition and worked in teams on their innovative ideas.

SAP was a sponsor and supported the teams with mentors.

SAP's special award was bestowed to a team that ranked second in the overall competition with their Java app for generating funny music from an image.


BEST Engineering Week 2017

Every year the student organization BEST Sofia organizes a one-week event, which aims to bring students and companies closer.  Also this year our company took part in BEST Engineering Week. The event attracts students from technical universities who are divided into teams of 12 and compete in various challenges organized by telecom and IT companies.

SAP Labs Bulgaria invited 12 students to visit the company and compete to solve a specially designed case study. All of the teams managed to find creative solutions but the winner team also showed great teamwork and powerful presentation skills. At the closing ceremony there were prizes and gifts for the winning team and the rest of the students, who took part in the competition.


SAP & FMI work together to inspire students for IT

Students from the High school of science and mathematics in Kyustendil visited SAP’s dedicated room in FMI and learned about the numerous possibilities for higher education in IT at Sofia University.

A colleague from SAP, who graduated from the same high school, inspired the students by telling them his success story after high school. He shared with the students how fun the IT professions can be and what knowledge and skills would they need to be successful. The students were also keenly interested in our programming school for students, SAP GeekyCamp, and we would be  happy to welcome them in our 4th edition this year.



SAP goes Back2School

Our Back2School initiative continued, 10 colleagues visited five schools to meet with students and tell them more about the profession of a software developer. Participation in the initiative is entirely on voluntary basis, so the colleagues were motivated to inspire the students for their future education and career path choice.

In the last quarter we could reach 130+ high school students with our Back2School visits. With their personal example the colleagues strive to attract more young people to choose IT for their university education and career.


Open Days @Sap

During the last three months, a total of 112 students and their teachers from six schools visited our office to learn more about the work atmosphere at SAP Labs Bulgaria. Our colleagues took them on a tour around the working spaces and told them about the everyday life of working as a software developer. They even explored the gadgets in our new D-shop. The students and their teachers were quite excited and shared that these visits are a wonderful way for them to get first-hand information on career development opportunities.

They all received T-shirts and other gifts with SAP’s logo.



National IT competitions

This spring SAP Labs Bulgaria gave branded awards to the winners in the following IT competitions where talented high school students from all over the country could participate and demonstrate their knowledge and skills:

  • Math & IT competition organized by Sofia High School of Mathematics hosted in Sofia and Shumen.

  • National Informatics Spring Tournament hosted in the High School of Mathematics in  Plovdiv.



Career Events

Traditionally our company is a trustful partner and sponsor of the career events at the local universities. This year we participated in two career events - at Technical University of Sofia and the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University and reached more than 200 students at our booths.

Students recognize our company as a great technical innovator and queued up to solve our specially prepared logical puzzles and brainteasers. The ones that successfully completed the challenges, received high-tech gadgets and branded prizes. The students showed keen interest in our internship program and summer practices and we are looking forward to welcoming them in our company.



University courses completed in Summer Term 2017

This term 16 colleagues from SAP Labs Bulgaria have been leading four courses at two universities and they shared their knowledge with more than 120 students.

  • Internet of Things at Sofia University

  • Functional Programming at New Bulgarian University

  • Managing Software Projects at Sofia University

  • Quality Assurance at New Bulgarian University

We are proud that Internet of Things was taught for the very first time at a Bulgarian university and it was more than successful. The students were quite engaged in the learning process and they received excellent results.


Robotics for Bulgaria

In June the festival “Robotics for Bulgaria” successfully marked the end of nine months of hard work for 24 teams and their devoted mentors. We organized this initiative for a second time and for two years it has reached 36 schools from all over Bulgaria and more than 500 students and 70 teachers.

This year 57 teams worked passionately for months to program their Lego Mindstorms EV3 sets to complete the missions on the robo-field, and 24 teams were selected to compete for the jury’s prizes in the Festival. There were four categories: teamwork, robo-game, robo-design and research project on the topic Animal Allies. After this inspiring event, we know we have the right formula for engaging so many school students into working together on socially relevant topics while developing their STEM skills.


SAP@ Rails Girls Sofia 8.0

SAP Labs colleagues supported the eighth edition of Rails Girls Sofia as instructors and even participants, and the company sponsored the event.

Rails Girls Sofia is a free two-day workshop for girls and women with little to none programming experience. Divided into small teams, the participants work together with a devoted instructor to create their first web application with Ruby. They learn that programming is not intimidating, but rather fun and exciting.

We had also prepared a logical brainteaser, which the teams together with their instructors competed to solve and win the prize. The event ended with a party for all participants, who were hopefully inspired to continue to use and improve their new skills.