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SAP Inside Track (SIT) InnoJam 2014 organized by SAP and the Dutch SAP user group VNSG with participation of students from HvA/HES School of Economics and Business and Fontys Hogeschool Financieel Management  supported by SAP University Alliances Benelux.

The 4th edition of SAP Inside Track (SIT) InnoJam has been held at SAP NL in Den Bosch initiated and organized by SAP NL jointly together with the Dutch SAP User group VNSG. Like in the years before, also students of SAP University Alliances Member schools had the possibility to participate actively in this 2 days event.

This year a social actual subject was central:  Remove elderly isolation or help to prevent this.

The different teams worked hard and intense on this subject to find an innovative IT solution with the support of volunteers as interview partners from local organizations, the VNSG members, SAP mentors, SAP employees and students. 

Please find more detail information underneath the different hyperlinks.

Concerning the student participation please read the story written by Ellen Lai from HvA with a student point of view in Dutch on

The student team enjoyed this event very much and integrated from the very beginning actively in the different teams to understand the problem and to help finding innovative solutions.

Back at their College or University they can share their experience with their fellow students and act a little bit like SAP Ambassadors.

If you want to know more about SAP University Alliances concept and how students can take profit from this please start reading our public pages on and join the SAP student council

Find also summaries from this event on and slides about the important  Design Thinking process

And don’t miss the results and link via twitter to to follow the tweets.

Michael Woidt  SAP University Alliances Country Manager BeNeLux

Solution & Knowledge Packaging

SAP Global