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280 participants thirsty for knowledge came to Walldorf to see what the Global Digital Night with the slogan „Santa Code is Coming to Town“ was all about. The audience, starting from the 7-year-olds to 60- year-olds, could not wait to get hands on and try out new things. The core topic was Christmas and the different workshop formats meant that p from 85 different schools and other attendants had a variety of choices to pick from. Some of the workshops that were offered were SAP specific topics, coding with Snap!, how to develop a business using the Business Model Canvas, Visualization with PowerPoint, tinkering with a singing, blinking christmas tree, brainstorm and design a creative and personalized christmas present and Qigong to help unwind during the busy Christmas season.

After a short introduction, the audience split up to look for different workshops to participate in. The 1st workshop round ended with a show and tell session, which was both inspiring for the next workshop round and a chance to show off the incredible things the participants learnt. A final show and tell session rounded up the whole event.

More details about the workshops:

The participants could become an artist with Snap! art or explore their technical abilities by programming a robot. They were also able to test their coding skills, by using turtlestitch and stitching the code into fabric. Another highlight was the 3D printer, with which lots of snowflakes could be printed to highlight the motto “Santa code is coming to town”. A SAP system programmed the Fischer Technik plant and gave insights in the world of the Internet of Things. The smart Foosball table system participant a chance to enhance their motoric skills. For the first time, we had a Snap! on demand area, where people with advanced Snap! skills were able to explore Snap! in a more creative manner.

Again, the GDN was wonderfully supported by Master MINT and Young Business School Heidelberg, who contributed with workshops on Lego Mindstorms and Beetleblocks. One could also gather knowledge through information desks regarding the Wissensfabrik, Young Business School Heidelberg and the SAP education department.

The learning festival was celebrated in a creative and energized atmosphere by the Young Thinkers Community along with Christmas sounds, Pizza and Gummi bears. The great finale was the blinking glitter balls which served as a physical reminder of a great Go Digital Night.

A big, big thank you to all Young Thinkers Ambassadors and supporters like the SAP Education department, Solution Experience Team, the Global Sponsorship Team, Security, Facility & Events Team.  Without you, it would not have been possible to have such a great event.

Special thanks goes to Daniel Holz, Head of SAP Deutschland, sponsor of the event, it would not have happened without his support!