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As SAP HANA catches the interest of customers, partners and the academic world, it is a strategic imperative to launch the SAP HANA @ University Alliances initiative. In-Memory Computing and specifically SAP HANA are transforming the way we perform analytics.

In addition to speed, SAP HANA represents instant access to accurate business information that previously required lengthy programming efforts. The SAP University Alliances (UA) team wants professors, lecturers and students to be exposed to the benefits of SAP HANA.

The first SAP HANA curriculum for use in UA classrooms is being developed within our global SAP HANA @ UA initiative. The course contains knowledge about more than one SAP product. We cover the end-to-end scenario from the data source, via data replication into the SAP HANA database, through modeling and the graphical representation of the data in analytics dashboards.

The curriculum development phase is completed and the first version of the course materials (i.e. lecture, exercises and a case study) was taught during the very first SAP HANA Train-the-Trainer (TTT) workshop, in conjunction with the SAP Academic Conference EMEA in Dresden. Twenty conference participants got some hands-on experience visiting the SAP HANA breakout session.

In the remaining months of 2012, Train-the-Trainer workshops will be conducted in Las Vegas and Bangalore by lighthouse faculties, a globally distributed group of professors and lecturers trained to teach this curriculum.

During the TTT workshops, each participant is asked to fill in the HANA training course feedback form. One section asks for thoughts and requests regarding additional HANA related courses. This feedback will support the Curriculum #2 Scoping phase as outlined in the rough timeline.

As we go through the planned rollout more updates will be shared on the progress of this initiative.

Learn more about the program in the HANA Showcase and in my previous "Question & Answer" blog.

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