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SAP’s Sue Martin, Lori Williams and Tim Breitwieser gave this webcast to ASUG last week, focusing on SAP Hana Education including the value of SAP Certification.  Part of the Certification Influence Council’s goals are to create certification awareness in the community, and awareness was one of the goals of this webcast.


  • - Updates on SAP Hana 1.0 SPS04 Training Curriculum
  • - Value of Working with Certified Resources

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Lori reviewed this slide that showed that people are the key driver for success.

She indicated that SAP Education globally trains over 300K individuals every year

Figure 2 Source: SAP

Figure 2 shows current offering & certification for Hana

You can see via the SAP Training catalog

The course curriculum starts with HA100 which is a 2 day class – some virtually; targeting all audiences

It is split into 2 different passes – technical administrators attend TZH200 and then they can sit for Certification SAP Hana Technology Associate

The second path is for the application consultant and starts with HA300 and this prepares you for Hana Application Associate, this is the highest certification in demand.

The middle row shows where these courses are offered virtually via e-learning – HA100R and HA300R,

HA901R covers HANA with CO-PA accelerator

OHA10 is online as well

A course for BW on HANA is TZBWHA

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Figure 3 shows the future of the HANA education portfolio.

They are adding the SQL Basics course (HA150) – due in December release.

They will expand BW on HANA course into a 3 day course with hands-on – BW362 – expected for late this year.

Another is an online equivalent for online course HA200R for November

Professional certification will address the more experienced application consultant – it is design phase and planned launch is mid November

It is based on latest release SPS04, out since June.

Next launch is end of November and they will move and follow the software release with new updated courses next year.

Accelerated learning packages are also available for SAP Hana – please see this link

Some statistics provided by SAP:

  • - More than 10,000 students have taken HANA training with 3,000 partners having been trained in HANA
  • - More than 2,000 people have been certified in SAP Hana
  • - Over 3,000 students have attended e-training in HANA.

SAP Certification:

Sue Martin, SAP, spoke about the value of working with Certified Resources

Why should we get certified? Why put value on people getting certified?

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Sue Martin spoke about SAP Certification.  Certification for SAP has been a priority but things needed to be changed.   Sue said they want to make it more useful and value for customers and partners and for SAP as a strategic enabler. 

They surveyed individuals to determine what was done.  Asked what has it done for their careers, their self-esteem, and what they would want to see.  Did it validate the skills needed in the workplace?  They asked customers how certification would give them solid criteria for engaging and recruitment.  Sue said they needed to make changes. 

Why should individuals go the certification route?  They used various sources of resources and into 3 areas shown above.

Risk mitigation is important for new emerging technologies.  

If there is a certification at there and a qualified benchmark, says Sue.

Figure 5: Source: SAP

From a customer center of excellence – people are certified that they are able to identify mid to long term strategies and how they use it

SME – focused knowledge to drive organizational success and validate level of expertise

Figure 6: Source:  IDC and SAP

From the experts…certified resources are more productive, better motivated – research sources.

Figure 7: Source: SAP

SAP is working with the Certification & Enablement Influence Council.  This was brought together at SAPPHIRE last year and is crucial to success and setting strategic priorities.

They identified key factors that needed to be changed.  The change is to more of a job/task analysis.  Why certify on product function & features?  If using for recruiting, need to know what that individual – not what they know but what they can do.  The change has moved to a role-based model. 

They need a way to validate associate level experience

Project lead is for the professional level – the make or break of a project.  Why not certify those skills?  This is why they brought in the professional level.

Certification exams were mostly written by instructors but they also want to include real world experience so they are working with the SAP consulting organization as subject matter experts.  Sue said this has been a big difference.

They also needed to increase delivery options, including virtual delivery options.  SAP contracted with Pearson Vue 3 years ago to get more geographic testing coverage.

They are planning a HANA professional exam by end of year.

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