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New Offering for Universities

Our leading In-Memory Platform SAP HANA is now available in the public Cloud, leveraging the leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting service. This new offering enables professors to teach the latest in-memory technology and only pay for what they use.  It also allows students to develop and deploy their SAP HANA based solution in the public cloud. SAP HANA One is the ideal platform in the cloud that can enable students to start their projects immediately.

For the first time, all acquisition hurdles for SAP HANA are removed via a self-service model on the Amazon Marketplace at an introductory cost of .99 cents per hour + AWS infrastructure fee. Now, any students can build SAP HANA application or analytics on the cloud. Try out SAP HANA One today, and you can also take advantage of the $25 coupon to help you subsidize the AWS fee. Log on to get your own SAP HANA One instance and try out the SAP HANA One Exercise.

Follow the "Get Your Own Piece of SAP HANA One" blog to collect specific outputs with your system information and send the information to