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SAP HANA Cloud Platform is evolving and continues to generate outstanding interest in the IT/business world.

To meet the demands of users, we developed the openSAP courseSAP HANA Cloud Platform Essentialsto help users to get familiar with the platform in its most up-to-date state yet. We showed how to take advantage of the new services like IoT services, gamification services, mobile documents and many more.

The course is now finished and I would like to present some interesting key statistics to you. I also would like to share some cites of participants, posted in the discussion forum during this course.

On average 95% of our learners were professionals and the age distribution shows a clear peak around

35 year olds.

As 96% of survey participants were satisfied with the course content and 94% confirmed the relevance of the skills taught, we are glad to see how helpful this course is for their current or future tasks.

This was the first course on the openSAP platform that we also offered in Japanese language. Over 2,000 students were enrolled and learned with us.

In total there has been 260,000+ enrollments around the globe in all of our openSAP courses on SAP HANA Cloud Platform which enables developers to quickly build impactful, highly scalable applications.

Our instructors rui.nogueira/content, which will demonstrate how to develop Java-based Apps and broaden your portfolio.

Stay tuned!