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Along with the successful introduction of the SAP Global Certification digital badges in January 2018, SAP is now enhancing its certification management in order to make badge holders' learning achievements visible and verifiable to anyone to provide competitive advantage for you.

We will now extend the scope of Acclaim as SAP Global Certification's badge management platform. With this move we can ensure a harmonized and consistent experience, SAP Credential Manager and Public Registry is fully replaced by Acclaim as of May 1st, 2019.

For complete details on the SAP Global Certification digital badges, we've created both a Step-by-Step Guide and a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your reference. Learn how to share SAP Global Certification digital badges within the major social networks, like Facebook and LinkedIn in this video.

Promote your achievements

You can now share and promote your learning achievements via social media and provide the ecosystem with a comprehensive overview of all your certifications, both for SAP and also for other industry-certifications, too, i.e. this move provides a holistic view on your skills. As a member of the SAP Community, you can also share your SAP Global Certification digital badges by adding the badge to your profile.

FAQs (*updated*)

Where can I find a list of my certifications?

You can view certifications acquired from 2017 in your Acclaim account and in your profile on

For an overview of all your certifications (including pre 2017) and stay current assessments, check your profile on SAP Learning Hub.

  • You can see your core certifications under Training -> Certifications.

  • If you complete stay current assessments, you will see them under Training -> Learning Status & Activities -> Your Learning History.

My certification is part of the stay current program. How can I check if my certification is current?

Please refer to the following detailed information: How do I know my Stay Current status?
I have an existing SAP Learning Hub account. I used a different account/e-mail to book my certification exams. How can I consolidate the accounts?

If you work for a partner, please contact

If you are a customer, freelancer or student, please contact your local SAP education center. Please refer to the contact details displayed at the portal > lower left corner.

After the accounts are consolidated, please remember to merge the accounts in Acclaim. For detailed instructions, please refer to the Acclaim page.
I am part of the stay current program. I took my core certification using a different e-mail/account. Where should I take my stay current assessments?

If you have two different accounts, continue to use your SAP Learning Hub account for your stay current assessments and request that the core certification is added to this account (see above contacts).
How can I download my certificate?

Your digital badge enables real time verification of your qualification so certificates are often not required anymore. If you require a hard copy, you can download a PDF printout of your badge from your Acclaim account under "Share".
How can I show my badge in SAP Community?

Log on to your SAP Profile and navigate to Dashboard. To make the SAP Global Certification digital badges visible to others viewing your SAP Profile, go to Account Settings -> Privacy and turn on the toggle under “Training”.
I have completed an SAP Global Certification exam, but have not received my certificate.

Badges fully replace the PDF certificates. You can share and print badges as described in this blog. After you pass a certification exam, the SAP Global Certification digital badge will be sent to you via e-mail from Acclaim. If you do not receive an e-mail within one working week, try accessing Acclaim using the e-mail you used to register for certification. For more detailed information, please see Acclaim.
Where can I get a replacement in case I lost my printed certificate or missed the due date to download my certification history in Credential Manager?

You can view your acquired certification in your profile on Credential Manager is closed from May 1st so  PDF certificate downloads are no longer possible after this date. If you need a certificate that is not available via Acclaim, please contact your Local Education Department to find a solution.
Where can I download my logos now that Credential Manager shut down?

There is no need to download logos anymore since you can now share your SAP Global Certification digital badge.
Where can I promote my certification after the public registry is shut down?

Going forward, you can promote your certificates using the SAP Global Certification digital badge. This can easily be shared via social networks or e-mail.