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On 7th November, SAP Labs China had worked together with SAP University Alliances, NGO and Tongji University to host 2013 SAP Future IT Leader Summit in Tongji University. 1500 faculties and students attended this event. We got  447 feedbacks from the attendees. 

SAP Future IT Leader Summit is an innovative platform powered by SAP, Universities and Celebrities to cultivate future IT
leaders. The main purpose of this event is to build the solid knowledge foundation via technology sharing by SAP experts, expand the innovative vision through live touch with SAP speakers and SAP Demos, develop students‘ careerpath through panel discussion and round-table, enhance soft skills through  interactive sessions, live young talents dream via experience sharing by celebrities in China and have fun through showing the great performance by SAP Talents and external music band.

Welcome Speech -- Prof. Qin Liu, Executive Deputy Dean of Software School, Tongji University

In the beginning, Professor Qin Liu, Executive Deputy Dean of Software School, Tongji University, delivered the welcome
speech. She expressed warm welcome to all the audience. She introduced the Gradual cultivation method of talents and SAP-Tongji joint-courses, which is the gratifying result of the cooperation between SAP and Software School of Tongji University.
At the end of her speech, she invited Dr. Ruicheng Li, SAP Global Senior Vice President and COO of SAP Labs China, to exchange gifts for the Talents Cultivation Cooperation.

Speech of Big Data -- Dr. Ruicheng Li, SAP Global Senior Vice President and COO of SAP Labs China

Dr. Ruicheng Li gave the students an excellent lecture regarding Big Data. He firstly introduced SAP China and thetrans formation of SAP – “Innovation in China, for China”. He also emphasized the importance of cooperation between Universities and SAP. He explained profound theories of Big Data and SAP HANA in simple language by using vivid examples.

Experience Sharing – Dreams May Come, Ms. Yan Hai, famous compere of Dragon TV

Ms. Yan Hai shared her experience with the students about how to plan your life and how to realize your dream. Her speech can be summarized as four points: Goal, Passion, Attitude and Ability.

Panel Discussion – How to prepare yourself for future IT Leader?

The host of Panel Meeting was Yang Jenny, Senior Manager of SAP University Alliances. The Panelists were Dr. Ruicheng, SAP Global Senior Vice President and COO of SAP Labs China; Prof. Qin Liu, Executive Deputy Dean of Software School, Tongji University; Ms. Amy Dong, Director f Human Resources of SAP Labs China; Ms. Ying Luo, Vice President of Junior chievements and Mr. Bowen Du, the students representative. They discussed with students how to become IT leaders and put up with their own opinions from different perspectives.

SAP Innovation Market Place and Exploration Zone

The main content of the afternoon session was outside activities, including SAP Innovation Market Place, Outdoor Lecture by Junior Achievement,and Exploration Zone. The booths we set has different topics including SAP Co-innovation with Fudan on NLP, SAP Business One, SAP HANA, SAP Business Suite, My Runway, SAP Business Intelligence and Cloud HCM. Colleagues from different LoBs introduced their technology and products to the students and faculties around the booths. Students can know more about SAP at a closedistance by interacting with the booths, playing games in the Exploration Zone,and listening to the speeches.

The Emcee introduced the rule of the carnival was each participant could apply for one passport at the reception when start the
adventure, and once collected 8 stamps from the booths, they could exchange with a mystery present from the host.

SAP Experience Zone

We exhibited different booth stations to the students, provide them an opportunity to know more about SAP, they could either talk with SAP experts or watch the SAP video or experience hands-on software installed on portable devices like iPad:

1. SAP Business One, Innovate to easy extensible, extreme intelligent and mobile management solution for fast growing business

2. Point Of Interest Analysis Powered by SAP HANA

3. Business intelligence visualization technology

4. My Runway – A Smart App to help user shopping chic

5. Re-invent Enterprise Software with breakthroughcustomer value beyond today’s imagination

6. Cloud HCM

7. Social Media Engagement based on S. Chinese NLP


Exploration Zone

A kind of Game Based Learning, students could know SAP when playing games. We provide WII, X-Box, Memory Game, SAP Word Link Game, SAP Puzzle, etc.


JA Lecture Series: How to plan your career

Junior Achievement is the world's largest non-profit organization dedicated to educating students about work readiness,entrepreneurship and financial literacy. During the afternoon session, volunteers from SAP had worked together with JA to give the students lecture series about Career Planning. How student could get well prepared for the future? How to success? How to be a good team player? Students do like these sessions, their enthusiasm could be felt from the crowed group of people during the sessions.


They shared the experience with the students how to choose a job and how to prepare for the interview. They also answered many questions raised by the students.

Happy Hour for the students

We also invited a band to perform. It attracted many students and the atmosphere was great.

We prepared rich prizes for the winners at the Lucky Draw, and the students were surprised at the moment