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Infoworld just published an article comparing the various computer science - related degrees.

A key perspective of their comparisons is that employers are demanding more technical depth from graduating students and degrees such as Information Systems and Management Information Systems, which emphasis more business skills, are becoming less valuable and may even be viewed as becoming obsolete.

We position the SAP-based courses in our MIS program as business-focused application of technology.  Our students are doing well in the job market but many do move into positions related to web development or database application development rather than SAP-related positions.

I am interested in hearing perspectives from others:

  • Do you believe that the position of Infoworld is an accurate reflection of the job market?
  • Is the need for more technical depth a strong trend in the market?
  • How do you position your SAP courses?
  • How do your students  do in the job market?


Jim Baroody

Lecturer, Saunders College of Business, Rochester Institute of Technology