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On Thursday April 14th, I had the privilege of speaking at the regular ASUG Chicago Chapter meeting which was held at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois.  Several other SAP speakers were featured on the agenda along with many SAP customers.  Geoff Scott, CEO of ASUG, offered the keynote presentation about Digital Business.

My presentation was titled:  SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation and contained similar material to our ongoing communications about the network as described below.

• The SAP Education Network for Digital Transformation will help you to acquire the skills to build a vision for your digital enterprise, take your innovation strategy to the corner office, and successfully execute your digital transformation

• To drive SAP’s learning mission of enabling innovation adoption and the digital transformation, SAP is today managing knowledge in a global network of SAP professionals as well as university professors and students. This education for the digital transformation is available through a blended learning portfolio including classroom training; digital learning through SAP Learning Hub, openSAP, and Academy Cube; and SAP University Alliances curriculum.

• Hear about learning opportunities through SAP Learning Hub on the latest hot topics on the Digital Transformation such as IoT, Data Science, Design, User Experience, and HANA Cloud Platform. Explore Massive Open Online Courses, ASUG Face-to-face Meetings: Education & Networking in Your Local Area (MOOCs) at openSAP and openSAP Thought Leaders, including topics central to the Digital Transformation such as cybersecurity and achieving leadership in Digital Transformation. Understand learning and skills development opportunities available through Academy Cube. And see how SAP is preparing next generation talents for the digital transformation through the SAP University Alliances program.

• The session will include opportunities to engage with SAP through its global partnerships with top universities, including the SAP Digital Transformation Academic Bridge Program, and the SAP Digital Transformation Executive Academy.